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Has Record Store Day Been Corrupted? »


The Quietus has a great piece up about the negative effects that the 2014 Record Store Day has been having on the industry it’s designed to help. The essay is filled with comments and quotes from small labels about the effects RSD has had on their schedules, releases, and a number of other problems. Who’s to blame? In the minds of some, it’s the major labels elbowing their way onto the scene and saying “What can we shit into the form of a record and shove into the hands of the wanton masses?” If you’re planning on hitting the shops this year, does this change any of your purchasing plans?

Where do you weigh-in on this situation?

Let me know your thoughts.

Don’t Pirate. Collect!





Get The Most - Core Values /300 | React! Records
Insight - What Will It Take? | Victory Records
Integrity/Creepout - Love Is…The Only Weapon (Purple) /??? | Holy Terror Records
Minority Unit - C.M.F. (Black/white swirl) /300 | 6131 Records
Minority Unit - C.M.F. (Deep Red) /300 | 6131 Records
Minority Unit - C.M.F. (Orange/Green) /300 | 6131 Records
Minority Unit - C.M.F. (Pink swirl) /300 | 6131 Records
Minority Unit - C.M.F. (Purple swirl) /300 | 6131 Records
Minority Unit - C.M.F. (White/Black) /300 | 6131 Records
Rock Bottom - Your Demise (White) /100 | Harvcore Records
Soul Search - Bury The Blame (Clear Green) /100 | Triple B Records
Soul Search - Bury The Blame (Red) /300 | Triple B Records
Soul Search - Bury The Blame (Red, United Blood 2012 pressing) 18/30 | Triple B Records
Soul Search - Intolerable Weight /500 | Thick Skin Records
Soul Search - Nothing But A Nightmare (Translucent Beer) /200 | Back To Back Records



Some good stuff for sale

Need some new wax?

Rotting Out/ Street Prowl/ 6131 records/ 2011/ On Clear Wax/ Out of ??

"This is how we are. This is who we always fucking were!" - Laugh Now Die Later.

Rotting Out provides ground pounding riffs, angry vocals, and catchy bass lines. Be sure to catch these jokers live when they come around your town. 

Roll out and support!

Don’t Pirate. Collect!

*Sidenote*- Looking for an album that you really want and enjoy and want to add it to your collection but can’t seem to find it at your local shop? 

Check out Revelation HQ for all your hardcore/metal/rock’n’roll releases! Great selection and low shipping cost! 

Bane/ Boston 6:58 pm/ Triple-B Records/ 2009 (RP)/ Orange/White Marble Swirl

"We were not awarded bones simply to weigh down our graves." - The Bold and The Beautiful.

Bane. I feel as though my words will fall short in regards to their commitment to the scene. Loyalty, truth, perseverance, and freedom, with that, it seems that I have inadequately described this band.

Bane brings depth, simplicity, sincerity. and depth that in most cases is unmatched. I am just happy to own a piece of their legacy. 

*also, cannot wait for ‘Don’t Wait Up’!!!*

Don’t Pirate. Collect!

Suburban Scum/ Hanging By A Thread/ 6131 Records/ 2012/ 1st Press/ out of ? On Green Wax

Solid Ep by a solid band. Make this a priority purchase/addition to your collection.

No regrets, homie.

Don’t Pirate. Collect!

Bent Life/ ST/ 6131 Records/ 2013/ 1st press/ Blue Marble Wax

Forever true.

Don’t Pirate. Collect!

Converge/ Axe to Fall/ Deathwish Inc./ 2009 (2013 RP)/ 4th pressing/ out of 1000 on White Wax

Popped the converge cherry.

Don’t Pirate. Collect!