Don't Pirate. Collect!

I think it's self-explanatory. A dude that collects and takes shitty photos. Enjoy? Whatever.

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Every once in awhile I get down with the classics!

Deep Purple/ Made In Japan/ Warner Brothers

Jeff Beck Group/ Rough and Ready

Don’t Pirate. Collect!

Angel Du$t - “Stepping Stone”

I want to be your stepping stone 

It’s alright, i think it’s cool 
Everybody somebody’s fool 
I don’t want to be alone 
I want to be your stepping stone

Blistered/ Soul Erosion/ 6131 Records/ 2014/ 2nd pressing (?)/ Single sided on Orange Wax

"Life does not satisfy"

Don’t Pirate. Collect!

Expire/ Pretty Low/ Bridge Nine Records/ 2014/ 1st press out of 1000/ White-Black Haze Wax

Pulverizing, gritty, and intense summarizes the sophomore effort by expire.

"Peel back the plastic set fire to it all."

For fan of: Backtrack, Incendiary, and Rotting Out

Don’t Pirate. Collect!


I’ve noticed that some of my posts are a bit dark. I was wondering do you all think that it’s dark or is it just my monitor?

Some feed back would be appreciated!  Thanks a bunch, guys!

Don’t Pirate. Collect!