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Surface Review.

Artist: Manchester Orchestra

Album: Cope

Record Label: Favorite Gentlemen

Year: April 1, 2014

Pressing Info:  180g/Gatefold/First Press/B0020085-01

Wax Color: Black

Package Presentation: I enjoy the overall presentation of this album. The minimalist layout, color scheme, and artwork make for a wonderful  packaging presentation. Keeping it simple. Allowing the music to speak louder than it’s package. 

*Tangent*I feel as though some bands hype up their packaging and the music ends up lacking what the package initially presents, I don’t know, just and observation.

Review: This album is just good, like, in it’s entirety. It’s as though their freshman and sophomore releases were high school sweet-hearts and ended up getting married then gave birth to COPE. Vocal presentation that is reminiscent of ILAVLAC and heavy driven guitars that mimic the likes of METN.

There’s an attack to this album. It’s bold, it’s bright, and it’s sincere. The passion that exudes through each word, string, and drum head is insane. From Top Notch to Cope, you’re receiving beautiful, melodic, edgy, thick, grooving, Rock’n’Roll.

Manchester has definitely produced a product that seems like it’s their last. It’s almost as if it’s too good. I’m not sure but I, personally, feel as that there’s no faults. I enjoy it way more than their previous effort, Simple Math, though, that was/is a wonderful record, I just feel as though this record was done right. Was done exactly how they wanted it. Nobody’s opinion was taken into consideration but the people within the band. 

This album is a MUST listen. If you are all about Manchester Orchestra and have no listened to it or you’re one of those fans that thinks their earlier efforts were/are better or whatever, YOU need to play this record, on vinyl preferably, over and over. 

Favorite Tracks: 

Every Stone- A song that touches on letting people in. Letting people know your problems and struggles. It’s an inner struggle. Touching on hurting people through our isolation, through our silence, and through our “shrugging it off” attitude. Strong but simple lyrics coupled with catchy melodies, rocky guitar strums, and tight drum patterns.

All I Really Wanted- A song of depth. It’s as though it’s an intervention of a relationship that Andy found himself in that involved a person that wasn’t trusting, lying, verbally aggressive, and there was a want for those things to be reconciled but to no avail. “Nobody thinks you’re actually right. It feels like a battle, more like a fight. You always bark, you never bite. I don’t believe it." Willing to give it all for someone who wants none of it. The intro to this song is fantastic. Really big, full, and driven. A wonderful track, just good.

See It Again-  Really thunderous sound that will keep your heart intertwined with the flow of the song. The song seems reflect of Andy’s regrets. Things he wish he hadn’t/had done. Missed opportunities that he should’ve capitalized on. Really thick drums and edgy guitar riffs that will send shivers up your spine.

Rating: 5 out 5!

For fans of: Brand New, Modest Mouse, and Silversun Pickups. 

Don’t Pirate. Collect!